Dell XPS

The XPS range of Dell desktops and PCs are clubbed under Gaming and Premium categories. The Dell XPS desktop is an excellent choice for those who are looking for power performance delivery, complete functionality, unparalleled support and distinctive design. These types of desktop PCs provide liquid cooling options; extreme performance features a fantastic desktop case designs. The desktop performance consists of XPS all in one, XPS 420 and XPS 630. The 630 is an excellent choice for those who are gaming enthusiasts with two desktop graphics options. The XPS is one of the best buy computers and all in one last desktop computer which is available in 24-inch and 20-inch high definition screen options.

The Dell XPS Desktop is known to be one of the ultimate best buy computers which also allow you to record and watch television as it comes with Quad Core and Intel Core 2 Duo processor options. It also provides the convenience of single power cord with fancy features. They are quite famous and popular with their powerful performance features, amazing designs and are available in 17″, 13″ and 15.4-inch models.

There is another famous model called M1330 laptop which is equipped with 13.3 inches’ screen, while the M1350 comes with 15.4 inches’ screen. The Dell XPS Desktop comes with external connections which you can be flexible with such as four 2.0 USB ports, single optical S/PDIF digital audio input, 7.1 analog surround sound output and single eSATA input. The graphics card provides enough flexibility in outputs with dual DVI jacks, DisplayPort output, and high definition media output. The XPS is also known to be one of the best midrange gaming desktops which are built on AMD platform. It is the new Dell six-core is one of the fastest all in one computer that offers robust feature set and overachieving gaming performance which will appeal to most of the value-oriented gamers.

A review of the Dell XPS 17

Technical specifications

Whenever you want to assess whether or not a given computer or a given laptop will be able to accomplish the tasks that you will set before it, you need to look at the technical specifications of the computer. Just like any other machine, the Dell XPS 17 is more than only the memory and the processor. Indeed, many people wrongly think that if a computer has these two things right, then everything with the laptop is okay. Well, in that connection, we can say that the Dell XPS 17 has an Intel Core i5 processor; however, if you want it to have an Intel Core i7 processor, you will be required to pay for the extra feature.

The RAM of the Dell XPS 17 will range from the 4GB DDR3 SDRAM to the 8GB DDR3 SDRAM. The important thing that you need to know about the processor and the memory of this computer is that they are both very instrumental in ensuring that the power is conserved by the laptop. Again, they also make sure that the computer can handle a lot of tasks without any particular problems.

The problem with this machine is that the starting price is a high, especially in this challenging economic environment. If you want to own a Dell XPS 17, then you must be willing to part with around $1,000 for the basic model. In addition to this, you also need to know that the operating system that you will get with the machine is the Windows 7 home edition, which is a bit basic for many people who would be willing to spend $1,000 on a new laptop. A lot of people would prefer a more advanced edition of the windows seven operating system.

The Dell XPS Desktop is one of the best buy computers in the market and is phenomenal with 6GB memory and powerful processor. The desktop is quite attractive which is quite slim with silver matte finished front panels, top and black sides. Like other desktop PC in the market, the XPS also comes with ports fitted at the rear, while the memory card reader is in the front which makes it easy for connecting digital cameras. One of the notable features found in this model is Fusion Software which is one of the biggest processors. Overall this software is used for boosting the efficiency of computer and is ideal for gaming enthusiasts.



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